“… ‘Diva, gorgeous,muse’ are the words you hear from the audience… Xenia França is a force of nature ” - Tais Toti - Racafaca

Fidel Nadal is an Afro-Argentinian Reggae musician. Nadal was born into an academic family in Buenos Aires, his mother was an anthropologist and his father a film director and a leading fighter for the recognition of the rights of black Argentines. According to his own recollection, he was heavily influenced by the music listened to by his parents, mainly blues and jazz. His ideology involves deep Rastafarian culture from countries like Jamaica and Haiti. His main influences are related to reggae rhythms and Afro-Argentine culture.

In 1985 he founded the band Todos Tus Muertos, which blended together reggae with punk influences and samples. With this mix, the group was very successful and recorded their first album in 1988 followed by a record deal with Universal Music. Influenced by reggae rhythms and the music of the Afro Argentine community, Nadal is best known for his work with Todos Tus Muertos. Created in the 1980s and separated in 2000, the band produced 6 albums before its dissolution. In its final years, Lumumba appeared on the rasta stage with Nadal. In its short but productive history, it released 3 albums which met with approval by followers of reggae, but then it was dissolved. In the last albums of Todos Tus Muertos and Lumumba, Fidel felt the need to play more reggae and leave the hard music behind, but when both projects disappeared, he decided to go on by himself.

Fidel’s solo career has been quite successful, hits like International Love have granted him Latin Grammy nominations and Youtube views well over the 20M mark. Starting in 2019 Fidel brings a minimal tour, revisiting a musical journey of thirty years and introducing new works in collaboration with Miami based producer Mr. Pauer. A high energy show including songs, flash bits of spoken word and optional visual projections, featuring special guests: Afro Latino percussionist and Latin Percussion® Artist Diego Álvarez (Venezuela), Latin Grammy nominee producer and DJ Toto Gonzalez (Miami) and Mexico City based guitar player and producer Gustavo Guerrero, Musical Director of the project Musas by Natalia Lafourcade.