🏠 ORIGIN: Haití

✈️ BASE: Montreal

🎤 FORMAT: 9 artists / 1 crew

🌐 TERRITORY: Worldwide

📅 TOURING: Year-round

“Vox's music encapsulates the very things that make Montreal’s music scene unique: it is multi-ethnic, multilingual and multicultural in nature.” Noisey

Vox Sambou is an MC, poet and multilingual performer who writes and performs in Creole, French, English, Spanish and Portuguese. He is a founding member of Montreal-based hip-hop collective, Nomadic Massive. He performed across North America, France, Chile, Brasil, Senegal, Mali and Burkina Faso, Colombia, Brasil, Morocco and Spain. His music focuses on the traditional rhythms of Haiti mixed with elements of afrobeat, jazz, reggae, and hip-hop, always committed to denounce injustices and social imbalances. 

Vox hopes to bring back a sense of pride to his people by shedding light on their rich and unique cultural heritage. He feels, however, that although it is important to identify the issues surrounding the problem, it is equally urgent to find concrete solutions. He exercises this credo everyday as director of a youth community center in the borough of Côte-des-Neiges.

Vox Sambou took part in the Montreal International Jazz Festival, Festival International Nuits d’Afrique, Festival du Monde Arabe, Festival Urbain de Trois-Rivières, the Indie Unlimited Festival, The 2nd Annual Cuban Hip-Hop Symposium, Blackitude Vozes Negras da Bahia, Brazil, just to name a few.