Rio Mira


  🏠 ORIGIN: Ecuador, Colombia

✈️ BASE: Ecuador, Colombia

🎤 FORMAT: 6 artists / 2 crew

🌐 TERRITORY: Worldwide

📅 TOURING: Summer & fall 20

Rio Mira is a project named for the river that separates Ecuador and Colombia, the group brings together the marimba masters Esteban Copete and Larry Preciado with Ecuadorian singer Karla Kanora and an incredible ensemble of Afro Latino folkloric musicians from the cities of Cali and Esmeraldas.

As an ensemble, Rio Mira’s cultural identity is rooted in the Pacific Coast of Ecuador and Colombia, a musical habitat of East African diaspora traditions with the marimba playing a unifying role, both in the local culture and the ensemble’s unique sound. The marimba music of Colombia and Ecuador was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2015 and this group aims to preserve this cultural treasure.

Larry Preciado and Esteban Copete both masters of the marimba tradition of the sister nations of Colombia and Ecuador along producer Ivis Flies initiated this project. A bi-national group specializing in crafting contemporary music with traditional sounds that date back hundreds of years. Both their folk sound and electro-cumbia remixes are founded on the mastery and artistry of great musicians and producers from both Countries.            

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